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Kishan Bhatt
Employment Judge Rules that Caste Discrimination Is Already Covered by Domestic Law

Caste has been a way of imposing social and political control for centuries. It discriminates in by taking away personal autonomy and the ability to make your own choices. It is therefore right to consider whether caste discrimination, in all its guises is sufficiently covered by domestic law. An area where this has been tested is employment law. […]

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Beyzade beyzade
How can you recover money from a debtor against whom you have a judgment and where the debtor has property?

Even if you obtain a judgment against someone who owes you money, you still have to recover that money from the debtor. There are a number of different methods of doing so, including: A ‘warrant of execution’ – which empowers a County Court bailiff to attend a judgment debtor’s address to take goods to sell at […]

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Bhavini Kalaria
Time For Bringing A Claim

    Focus on family friendly rights – anticipated changes for businesses It’s not often that fundamental Global politics and anticipated legislative changes combine to provide a heady mix of what businesses should expect, or indeed should gear up for. This month saw International Women’s Day celebrate the achievements of women from across the globe, […]

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