Straightforward, jargon-free language

We may be lawyers but we do understand that this is about business so we choose to speak ‘business’ rather than legalese.

We don’t like hiding behind jargon because we think you need to understand your options in straightforward terms as they relate to your business.

More than that; every issue today and every situation you want to avoid in the future involves people - whether its customers, suppliers, employees, business partners, landlords, competitors, the tax man or anyone else you can think of. So we make sure that we keep it human but commercially intelligent.

Always ready to listen first

Your first conversation with us is likely to be because you have a very specific and urgent need. That will be our first priority.

There is no charge for this initial discussion because we first need to understand your big picture, your unique business and the outcomes you are looking for.

Once we know we can solve your problem and if we agree to work together, we can then talk about timeframes and fees. That way you can assess up front whether the benefit of success outweighs the cost of taking the action.

Focused on what you want to achieve

Our starting point is that while the issues you face will be common to most businesses, your business is unique.

As problem solvers who want to help you make the right decisions for you and your business.

There are usually a few paths you could take to get you the outcome you really want.

Sometimes there are some things you can do for yourself (with our guidance) to save money. You may want us to do them anyway to save time. We will always give you option.

Friendly, focused and accessible

The number one complaint about lawyers is that they are unapproachable, unavailable and unresponsive. We understand the challenges of running a small business so we go out of our way to always try and get back to you the same day and to be proactive in keeping you up to date on what’s happening. You decide whether you prefer txt, email or a quick call.

Fixed fees where possible & no hidden costs

We do this because we understand that you need to assess the cost of the work in relation to your commercial benefit.

Even when we can’t guarantee a fixed price (eg for litigation) we will break it down into common sense stages so you can decide at each stage whether it makes sense to continue forward.

You only need to explain your business once

because we take a long term view of how we can support your business right from the start.

One off transactions are great for our cashflow but we prefer to have a long term relationship with our clients.

Our purpose is to help you intelligently handle all the legal and compliance challenges of running a growing company. That also means establishing a robust legal framework that can protect your interests and long term wealth that you have worked so hard to achieve.

If you become our client, don’t be surprised if we check in with you every 6 months - just to give you a nudge about those things you keep putting off.


We work across a range of industries and sizes with successful, forward thinking, time poor business owners who are clear about what they want and in need of straight forward legal advice and support.
If you’re looking for this kind of expert legal support where, and have direct access to a team of experts who can help you; we’d love to have a conversation with you.

If you’re looking for a different kind of legal support,
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