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As a tenant, it can often feel like you have very little influence.

It’s worth remembering that a good landlord is keen to find a good tenant and that generally means a deal that works for both parties.

We can help you understand and negotiate the best deal at every stage of the lease:

This includes...

  • Terms of the lease / tenancy agreement
  • Rent Reviews
  • Lease surrender negotiations
  • Lease renewals & extensions
  • Dilapidations claims

TOP TIPS for minimising disputes:

  • Keep a copy of your tenancy agreement somewhere safe.
  • Ask for regular rent statements from your landlord so you have a record of all payments.
  • Report all disrepair in writing and keep a copy of your letters.
  • Open all post including post addressed to "The Occupier".
  • If you're dealing with an agency, make sure get the full name and address of your landlord.
  • Ensure that there is an inventory prepared at the beginning of the tenancy and that you agree with what it says.
  • Keep a date order file of all matters relating to your tenancy.

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