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Establishing and protecting your IP

We can help you work out which elements of your creative IP have real value, identify the risks and advise you on the best way to protect your ideas.

Trademark registration

This is a way to protect your products and brand identity (including logos and domains).

We handle all the searches and the registering of your trademarks. We can also tackle any opposition on your behalf.

Licensing your IP

Exploiting the value in your IP often means scaling it under licence. We can help you create a professional ownership structure so you can safely license it third parties.

Negotiating a deal

When you are putting a deal together, our job is to make sure you receive fair value. We can prepare your IP for sale and investigate any IP that you wish to acquire. By allowing you to keep a professional distance throughout any negotiation, we can help you secure the best deal.

Defending your IP

We handle all types of IP disputes. We negotiate wherever possible and only litigate where absolutely necessary – in order to protect your interests in the market place.

We offer fixed fees in most of these scenarios.

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