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Whatever your industry, it is important to ensure that your contracts with your customers and suppliers are effective and also conform to any regulatory requirements.

There are particular laws that may apply to you. Some depend on whether you sell to consumers and/or businesses and whether you sell online.

You need to consider the Sale of Goods Act, the Supply of Goods & Services Act, the Consumer Protection Act, the Unfair Contract Terms Act and the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations.

This is not an attempt to bamboozle you but just a reality check.

Yes, you are free to download standard templates from various sources.

However, one size seldom works for all… and that’s not something you want to discover at the very time when you need to rely on it.

A small investment now can save you a significant headache later.

Drafting & reviewing your terms of business

Once we understand your unique business and the kind of risks you face, we can advise on the best terms to protect your interests and ensure a positive experience for your customers and suppliers. And you.

Enforcing your terms of business

If you find yourself needing to enforce your rights, speak to our dispute resolution team.

After reviewing your terms and the likely outcome, they can then advise you on whether it makes commercial sense to pursue the situation.

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