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Common scenarios where a ‘Cease and desist’ LETTER can prove effective:

  • • Infringement on your trademark
  • Unauthorised use of your intellectual property which is not protected by trademark. This could include your business name or copyright material.
  • Harassment, such as by debt collectors
  • False and damaging statements made about you or your business (defamation)
  • Breach of lease

For each of these scenarios, you can find letter templates online - so you can draft your own letter.

That said, if you want to be certain that you are choosing the right course of action, please give us a call so we can understand the context and advise you of any potential risks.

Using a Process Server

To ensure your best chance of success, you need to be certain that your letter has been received and read by the offending party.

You can pay a ‘process server’ to hand deliver the letter.

As a minimum you should use a trackable postal; service.

The next level up is a ‘Cease and desist’ ORDER. This is an injunction and can only be issued by a court. It requires a greater burden of proof and is essentially full litigation.


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