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Is it negligence?

A negligence claim can often result from bad advice, delayed processes or errors of omission that have a financial impact and/or cause other damage.

In a 2013 case (Mahjoo vs Harben Barker)* a businessman successfully challenged his accountant for not giving proactive and sound tax advice as had been promised in the terms of engagement. Ouch!

Our approach

It can be both expensive and time-consuming to get involved in Court Proceedings.

Business is business (as they say) and a speedy settlement can often be achieved through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) or mediation.

We always have the option to progress to formal proceedings if it still makes sense to do so. It largely depends on the importance of the outcome to you and your business.

How we can help

Negligence claims come with a high degree of emotion because you have been let down by someone you relied upon.

We are able to bring an objectivity that can help you to make wiser decisions.

We will quickly work out what should have happened; what went wrong; and then help you to quantify the impact of the mistake in financial terms.

We will help you consider the cost of action (in time and money) vs the likely recovery.

We will help you gather the right evidence to support your claim if you decide to proceed.

Fixed Fees vs Hourly rates

As with many litigation cases, we can only get so far on agreeing fixed fees for the whole intervention because it is generally not a straightforward path to success.

What we can do is break it down into milestones and agree fees up to each checkpoint.

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