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What are you most worried about? What are your biggest challenges?

  • Complex and changing legislation and compliance expectations?
  • Dealing with time-consuming queries about pay, benefits, sickness and more?
  • Managing under-performers?
  • Understanding how the law applies to all your workers?
  • The possible costs to your business if you get it wrong?

There’s no getting around the fact that it’s your responsibility… and that there are ways to make it easier for you.

What if we could take care of the day-to-day HR challenges which can easily become a drain on your energy and resources?

How it works

For a fixed monthly fee, starting from as little as £ 140 pcm, you get unlimited access to legal advisors with a dedicated person to answer your queries.

We include a complimentary personnel management system to hold employment data centrally for easy retrieval and to record any information relating to disciplinary matters.

Once we know your business, we will be able to give you more strategic HR advice - on employee relations and on structuring your affairs to maximise the value in your business.

How does that sound?

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Most of the time we will be able to agree a fixed fee for the work we do.

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It’s a FREE conversation to work out how we can best help you and your business.. Call Us Now