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We can give you the best chance of achieving an A-rated licence.

This includes managing the whole process and guiding you through how to meet the stringent requirements.

Our step by step process:

  1. Auditing your HR policies and procedures around each of the five areas outlined in the Home Office guidance.
  2. A detailed report highlighting the risk areas and recommendations to ensure compliance. Our clients prefer to have us go through their systems, rather than the Home Office.
  3. Advice and help to resolve any gaps and a revised report ready for submission to the Home Office.
  1. 1. Processing your application and gathering supporting documentation for successful Sponsor Registration.
  2. Ongoing support to ensure that you remain fully compliant with the stringent regulations at all times.
  3. Updating the Sponsor Management System for you as required.
  4. Issuing certificates of sponsorship (COS) to your new employees and training you on how to manage them well.

Download the CRITERIA FOR SUCCESS and then give us a call.

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You must have certain systems in place, so that the sooner we get started, the more likely it is that everything can work towards your deadlines.

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