Over the last few years, The London Law Practice has been looking to carve out a niche area of practice in enforcing foreign judgments and defending claims brought by banks in the High Court in London.

Businesses trade and do business across borders. This means that often contracts are agreed in different jursidictions, but that assets for enforcement against debts are held here; or vice versa. We have experience in advising businesses located both within the EU and outside in enforcing judgements and recovering debts. By way of example, we acted for a Congolese multinational company with a Brussels subsidiary enforcing a Belgian judgment in the UK for a €20m judgment; more recently, we have worked acted in a High Court litigation arising out of a breach of loan agreement matter relating to investments in East Africa, totalling over £9m.

Cross-border trade, investment and litigation are here to stay. We can advise on contracts, and help enforce rights and defend claims here in London.

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