So far this year we have nearly left the European Union once already – our Seminar in March earlier this year dealt with what steps businesses can take to get ready for Brexit and our Managaing Director, Bhavini Kalaria has written extensively on the topic. You can find our blog post here:

Of course the main business news centres around Brexit – it’s meaning and preparations for the same. However, as a commercial practice we are also mindful of the other changes which effect business – technological strides; availability of finance; the cost of housing, rates and other business expenses.

In this regard, we have continued to provide updates about the various legal and business news which hits the headlines – whether it is issues relating to work and workers rights; highlighting publicly available resources which businesses can rely on and much more.

Earlier this year, GDPR started to bite with the first fines being handed out – digital transformation, data privacy and handling of information are key issues for 2019. We have helped a number of businesses in dealing with requests and also with formulating policies and procedures. If your business needs help with data protection and other matters – we can help.

Regardless of big business challenges, the UK remains a firm favourite for dispute resolution and we have expanded our cross-border litigation work.

In the next few months we anticipate bringing more legal updates relating to the implications of #Brexit; #data #privacy and #international litigation. If you have any questions on any of the topics touch upon, please feel free to contact us on 0203 019 7800 and

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