We are really looking forward to 2018.

Last year we shared blogs covering topics as wide ranging as the upcoming roll out of the General Data Protection Regulations, through to how law firms are changing to better support businesses. We hope to continue to write on a wide variety of topics this year too.

We will also be following the latest twists and turns of the Brexit negotiations and providing necessary commentary and how these progress. We also intend to cover in more detail the legal implications of block chain technology and introduction of Artificial Intelligence to different areas of work. As the firm continues to seek partnerships with international firms, we will be writing further about cross border activity and arbitration.

For those of our clients and colleagues who follow us on social media – we will be carrying on with our Facebook Live interactive sessions, so look out for these. We are also really looking forward to putting together a programme of seminars and podcasts discussing business and law topics.

If you would like to be kept up to date about any specific topic then please contact us at info@londonlawpractice.com and we will ensure that we provide some guidance and commentary to you.

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